EN 1090


This module is applied for CE marking of steel and aluminium constructions according to EN 1090.

The new law concerning CE marking of building materials in steel and aluminium demands for companies to be DS/EN certified before July 1st 2014 in order to be able to CE mark the steel and aluminium components they produce.
In cooperation with our parthers, we have developed a solution which brings you closer to a certification and which will make the daily operation easier, when you have to live up to de demands of the standard.

The module contains a number of tools, which give you a clear overview over the processes you need to go through in order to CE mark the constructions according to EN 1090. The module Thus helps you to ensure that the CE marking is carried out as prescribed in EN 1090.


  1. Creates an overview over the EN 1090 marking process.
  2. Ensures that you get through the demands of the standard in an easy and structured way.
  3. Ensures that all controlls and assessments are carried out.
  4. Ensures registration of demands in relation to DS/EN 1090-2 for steel and EN 1090-3 for aluminium.
  5. Automatic generation and print-out of CE mark.
  6. Makes it possible to easily re-apply the CE marking for one construction on similar constructions.